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 Have you ever went to a store and they don’t have what you are needing? I have multiple times. Sometimes the places that they get their supplies from does not carry the brand that you have and sometimes the prices that they sell things for are way over price.  I know and I understand that they have to make a couple bucks off it to survive but come on man. I seen the same product at other stores and online cheaper. 

Sometimes you do not even want to be seen or judged for what you get and we get it. Shopping online makes it discreet because they technically do not have the store name on the shipping labels and they ship in brown boxes or padded envelopes.

I enjoy doing it this way. I dislike going to stores in my town due to the fact that they basically hardly carry anything that I want or like. 

Online you can find some coupon codes if you have extensions if not you should try Honey. Honey finds the best deals for you in just about every store! It is 100% free and worth it! 

Click here to get it!  It is a life saver! You can also get free E-gift cards when you get to 1000 gold by activating the rewards on every purchase. 

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