Hemp is type of cannabis sativa. Another name for hemp is industrial hemp. Hemp can be separated into male and female plants and have different things that it does and is used for like smoking, oils and fibers.

 Fibers are gathered from the stems and and made into different products ranging from paper, clothes and many other materials including lotions, hair products and body wash.

 Hemp contains CBD and THC in it but it does not have enough THC to give you the high effect so you are safe. 

Hemp just like CBD can be prescribed for medical reasons from anxiety, depression, seizures, pain, sleeplessness, and other health issues like helps the heart, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and a bunch of other things. It is also healthy for you. 

Hemp seeds reduce blood clotting just like blood thinners. I personally would not take blood thinners and hemp.

~You would need to ask your doctor and get their opinion about it before you just start taking something. Some are for it some are against it. Some of this is not regulated by the FDA in which is why you ask your doctor. ~

Although hemp does good for the body it can also have an adverse affect and cause nausea, diarrhea. This is caused by high fat intake from the seeds. ‘



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