Hempettes are basically CBD cigarettes. There are different flavors that you can get of them and each pack comes with twenty in them so that is 1500Mgs of CBD in every pack. Each one also has a filter. 

 My favorite is the pineapple blaze since it does taste like pineapple. It has over 75+ mgs of CBD per hempette, less than 0.3mgs of thc. If you are not use to smoking cigarettes be warned that it does kind of burn with the first few then the burn kind of goes away. They do tend to burn kind of fast so you are going to have to inhale a lot.

It took me two cigarettes to get a buzz high with but it was worth it. The first one made me relax and took away my anxiety and depression. It also helped with my pain that I have. These work great to help insomnia and helps put you to sleep with no problem. 

A lot of people uses these to help them quit smoking and I understand. These help but tend to be pricey and the CBD can be strong causing a burn but it is worth it since it does help. They work immediately and affectionately giving you whatever it is you are needing whether it is peace, relaxation, or just something to smoke. 


You can by single packs here or cartons! 

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