We all know that people will totally disagree with what weed does. They will tell you that it is bad, that it is a gateway drug and how it will ruin your life. Most of my life I have always been told weed is bad for you that it is a gateway drug when in actuality they are wrong. They try to force you into one direction and if you don’t then they make it seem like you are bad for doing it. 

Weed does so much good for the body. It help you relax gives you peace, calm down, helps you focus, it makes you not feel pain. It helps you escape reality if something is troubling you. It also helps with mental illness and a bunch of other medical issues. 

 People are just afraid what it does and what it can do. They are fearful of it. They do not understand what the plant can actually do so they basically shy away from it and try to shield from something that doesn’t even do no harm to you.

Certain parts of the government do not agree with it for the fact that it opens minds keep peace and helps people focus. The government wants you to fear and tries to control you. To them you are just a number and they actually do not care since you are making them money. Like arresting those who has marijuana one them. They charge them and make them pay when most states allows you to carry a limit.  

I feel like the government does not realize how much money they could make off of it by taxing it. I also feel like they would not know what to do with a bunch of high people. 

The media tries to distract you and only shows you what they want you to see. They want to show you people killing each other, they want you to see how bad people are and then point fingers. They all the time calling race cards and trying to distract you.

Weed is totally different than alcohol. Weed is a plant that basically grows a breakable and smokable flower where alcohol has to go through a brewery and has to be mixed with a lot of things for it to be made. It takes a lot of process. With weed it just takes planting it, watering it, giving it light and watch and monitoring it, and feeding it. 

Did you know alcohol is basically a drug? Alcohol can be harmful to the body and it blocks chemical signals and cause a whole lot of damage from giving you impulsive behavior, slurred speech, poor memory, slowed reflexes and it can basically give you all kind of mental health problems and poison your body.

With weed, you get the munchies, you take trips, sometimes you will hallucinate, you won’t feel any pain, it helps relax gives you peace, calm down, helps you focus. There are some good things and bad things with basically anything you use in life. People are so quickly to drill on the bad they yet to focus on how it could help other people. I feel weed should be legal since it does so much good. 

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