Everyone has their own opinion of things in life and opinions are like buttholes. We all have one and others do not want to hear it or see it. 

People are always saying weed is a gateway drug but in actuality it is not the medicine they prescribe you are. Some people are scared of the plant and all that it can do for people. 
They always said that its bad to smoke weed but in actuality it was led to believe that. There is nothing wrong with weed and nothing wrong with toking a little.  

Weed is good for the mind the body and soul. It helps open up your mind and allows you to see and realize things clearer since it actually makes you think.

It helps with pain for cancer patients and plenty of other people that’s in pain or dealing with things like anxiety and depression, seizure and other things. It also can help with PTSD and helps the veteran and solider relax.

It also is acts as an antiinflammation. It takes the swelling out of things and stops the pain. It also helps seizures and plenty of other things like behavioral problems and moods. 

Ever seen high people fight? Me either. They are always at peace, happy and carrying on. 

When ingesting weed whether your eating it or smoking it, it gives you dopamine to help release your chemicals more. It does effect your motor skills and movements if you are not use to it. It also allows you to open your mind and sometimes even gives you the confidence that you are needing.

Weed is nothing like painkillers, opioid’s or other meds. Painkillers and opioids get you attached and addicted and you want more. Lots of people have lost their lives due to opioid overdoses, opioids can kill you while you are trying to relieve whatever it is you are feeling or hurting. 

It is like a poison to your body. It only copes the pain a little and then you end up having to take more and more for it to stop or just to ease a little which can make you addicted trying to fix the pain.

Unlike painkillers, weed high lasts a lot longer and you cannot overdose on it.  Weed basically numbs you so you don’t feel no pain and basically makes you feel better. 

Medicine in my opinion meds will make you sick its a poison to your body. They never really make better. It’s a money racket. Keep the person sick they come buy more the body gets immune you have to switch meds. It is all a get rich scheme using the human body just so they can make money off of you. Ever notice how it takes a little longer for the meds to cope and kick in? How long it takes for medicine to “fix” or “heal” something? It takes a few minutes to hours for it to start working or it wears off quickly and you’d be suffering the whole time. 

Weed can basically do what the meds do and more. 

The only downside to weed is that it will give you the munchies and make you eat more.

Also it is best to wait a few hours before driving with weed due to it causes slow reaction and motor skills which can  lead to bad judgement or waiting on a stop sign to turn green.

CBD is part of  marijuana but it does not have THC in which is the high part to it. CBD basically does the same thing. 






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