It is hard to quit tobacco products, trust me I know. After years of using it, its hard. People use cigarettes as a coping mechanisms when nothing is going right or so much is going on they pull one out and light it or they just do it for no reason except they got use to it and got addicted to it. It is like a drug and the body has just gotten use to it.

I know the struggles of smoking pack after pack, using can after can, pouch after pouch trying to stop but cannot figure a way to and it is hard to quit cold turkey since you go through withdraws and those things are not good at all. 

Withdraws will make someone want to sneak and use it in hopes people do not find out and then they lie about the smoke smell. 

 I seen so many people relapse due to the stress in life and trust me tobacco products are not good for the body. It is mixed with tar, nicotine, fiberglass, chemicals and a few other things that are bad including the products that they spray the fields with. It can collapse a lung, cause cancer, rot your organs and many other issues. It can also mess with breathing and plenty of other things. 

It has caused so many people problems and health issues from cancer, to rotting of the teeth, causes problems with your organs and many more yucky things. 

I watch so many people from friends to families health deteriorate over time to the point that they passed away. 

Many people have turned to vaping and CBD cigarettes to help them and it actually helps. You do not get all the bad things that are in tobacco products and it is not mixed with any harmful chemicals. 

If you did not know CBD is a chemical from the marijuana plant. NO it does not get you high and as long as it does not contain THC it will not show up on your drug tests. CBD is natural and it helps with inflammation, depression, anxiety and a few other things. It also helps you sleep and relaxes you. Give it a try! It is just as strong as tobacco and the cigs give you the nice burn that you enjoy. They also have different flavors and smells.








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