All About Weed Wax

 Weed wax can be tricky if you never tried it before and you do not know anyone that does it believe me I know. 

There is so much to know and do to help you understand and better your high. 

The first dab can make you feel so high just like when you eat to many edibles. It will get you super high even if you smoked weed all day. It is super different than what you would think. 

The different between the wax and the flower is that the wax can get you higher quickly and it is stronger. It is kind of like smoking a lot of blunts at once. 

The dabs or wax allows you to smoke less and get more high out of it and it lasts longer.

If you did not know a banger is what you will be smoking your dab or wax in. It is like a bucket so that the wax does not fall out. The nail does on top of the banger and it actually looks like a nail. It is what you heat up and its normally with a dome.

Nails can deteriorate over time. This is called Chazzed. Banger deteriorates over time and become foggy/cloudy looking instead of clear and when that happens, the hits aren’t as good because the glass changes properties and doesn’t hold in the heat as well so actually the chazzed spot can get too hot compared to the rest of the glass and the hit can taste burnt. The life span of a banger is normally about a year before it gets to chazzed and then its no good. 

If this is your first time smoking don’t use a cheap banger/nail to smoke it. $40-$200+ is perfectly okay. Quartz is the best for flavor and heat retention other options would be like titanium and ceramic, they both taste worse and don’t even burn the whole hit properly. 

The proper way to get the full hit is to not overheat it right away,  smoking it you will  probably get like 40% of the hit on the first go, then reheat the banger a second time and get the other 60% on a fat rip. 

Don’t heat your banger up until it is red hot. The read hot tastes like burnt plastic. The quality of the quartz will decline from being subjected to the high heat in one spot. If you heat it up evenly on all sides, you should be able to get the banger nice and hot and perfectly clean before your next hit without ever making the glass red hot.

If there is any burnt residue or leftovers from the last dab. it ruins the taste so be sure to clean it out when you are done you have to wipe out anything that is left over from your hit or it will just burn onto the banger and then you have to sit there and burn it off with the torch.

You have to get a cap and they look like little “nipple” cap that you cover up the banger with after you put your dab into it. It is night/day, you have to have a cap that sits nice on top of your banger. It seals it up and retains the heat and really gets your wax to burn properly. If you have too many dabs it will put you to sleep. 4 would be an automatic nap.


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