Munchies for the first time

Being high whether it is weed, cbd or thc will make you want to eat a lot because of the chemical in the weed or thc releases a lot of hormones especially one  that is called ghrelin and it stimulates that your body is hungry. 

Weed and thc intake also can over stimulate your bodies hormones and chemicals. It can also make you go on trips and slow down your digestion system. 

So please be sure you have high foods and snacks at all times. Fast food seems to be the first thing people grabs along with candy and chips since it is quick and easy to get and eat. 

 You may want to eat before you get high to try to counteract it but that will not always be the case because you will end up snacking away until you’re high will wear of. Also stay away from super salty things! This will give you cotton mouth and dry it out making you want to drink lots and lots of drink.
My first cbd and thc high, I bought so much snack foods and everything else. I only ate half of my snacks and steered clear of the sweets. I did not want them since I am not into sweets anyways. I also ate before it and it helped a lot. 
Do not smoke and drive! Smoking weed and being high is kind of like drinking and driving it! It slows your motor skills! So be sure you get all your snack before you toke! Also if you truly have to go out to get food get a DD (designated driver) or Uber. This could save a life. 

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