If you never ate CBD or THC in any form, you are in a world of spin if you do. It would be best to have a friend or someone you trust to be with you for the first time. 

If you eat or ingest it and it does not take effect immediately then do not take another one or more on top. Once it gets broken down in your system it will hit you full force and it can make you have a horrible trip that you never want to go on. 
If this is your first time using THC your experience will not be as great if you take to much. Everything will slow down and you will take a trip. You’re heart will start beating fast and you will start panicking. Things will become weird. This is where your friend or partner comes in at to help calm you down. Trust me you will need someone to keep you grounded and levelheaded. 
CBD really do anything but it does calm you down and relax you. CBD also cancels out THC if you have taken to much and start taking a trip that you do not want to take. 
THC and CBD can normally takes up to 10-15 minutes or quickly to kick in. It can last 3 or more hours at a time. You will end up having munchies be warned.
If you are just starting, I would go lightly if I was you. I would do the lowest possible 30mg-50mg suckers and then work my way up to the 125 gummies to see how everything reacts with me. If you feel its not working please do not take more. I promise you will regret it. CBD is fine you but THC is iffy so use with caution. 
If you are a diabetic and cannot have the sugar, there are Sugar free gummies here 

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