Vape Juice

 Sometimes vape juice can be a little strong on the nicotine. You can basically get it in any size from 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mgs and 36mgs. 

Personally in my opinion the 6mgs chokes you really really bad even through its the second lowest when you inhale it, it burns really really bad and makes you cough really hard so if you are just starting out, start with 3mgs and see how it does you.  

There are a bunch of varieties and sometimes you have to shop around to find the ones that you actually want and like. Some companies are really different than others and you can tell it in the taste and smell of it that something is off and or weaker than normal. The flavors are fruity, dessert, ones that taste like nothing, weird tasting ones, tobacco flavored, wine flavors and plenty more. 

I personally like the 0mgs since it has been years since I have done tobacco products. I also mix it with CBD. I only mixed a nicotine one and CBD once and it tasted pretty good as long as it the flavors could be paired with it like Blue Razz and Blueberry or razzberry went hand in hand. 

Well, really any CBD vape juices goes hand in hand with basically any fruity ones. Be cautious mixing to many different flavors though, it can come out either amazing or horribly disgusting. I myself had to pour out a few tanks from mixing and trying something new. 

If you accidentally bought a nicotine one, put a one to three drops of it in the vape along with a non nicotine and cbd and you are good to go, that is what I am doing now and having no issues with it.




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