Is Delta 8 to much?

They are trying to ban delta 8 just like delta 9 THC. If you did not know THC gets people high and people are basically calling poison control due to it is to much for them. They are having horrible trips because they took to much or their body just cannot handle it. 

Delta 8 is nothing to play with. It can do a lot and make you feel like you are dying if you are not careful and take to much. It made my heart slow down and beat backwards, including time. I couldn’t even talk and I kept slurring my words. It made me think weirdly about things I never thought I would and it was just horrible. Everything started to melt like it was candles and spin. I ate 4 125mg gummies and then smoked two hempettes on it and regretted the trip! It could not end quick enough. I felt like I was dying, my mind was racing, the thoughts kept coming. I tried to lay down and sleep but it took forever for me to rest. I was so restless. My body was twitching and moving on its own but some how I forced myself to sleep.

If you are using Delta 8 please please please be careful! Do it around those you trust and also follow the instructions and directions and if it is your first time use the lowest spectrum and MG possible! 

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