I enjoy my FreeMax Maxus kind of even more than I did the Smok Morph 219. The FreeMax does not leak once so ever due to the amazing 3 steel ball design that even makes it easier to fill! It is kind of smaller and not all bulky like the Morph. Although it does not have the smart screen and lock it has so much more. 

It has a smart load tech meaning there is no right or wrong way to put the batteries in, it is child resistant, you can open the tank loader with a push of the finger and you don’t have to struggle with it like most there’s no button pushing. This kit it fully upgradable unlike some. 

You can even buy the battery cover in a different color if you don’t like it. If one of the batteries are dead you can take it out and it can still run off one unlike most. It is rechargeable using USB type C or just taking the batteries out and putting them in the charger. It isn’t hard to turn on and off like some  you click the button a few times and its off or on. You click the 3 button a few more times and you’re in settings. It can kind of be frustrating to get there since it cuts off and on a few times.

 It has an over charge protection, time out protection , open circuit protection, low resistant protection, short circuit protection, high temp protection, low voltage protection which is a great thing to make sure nothing happens to the vape and protects you also. I highly recommend this vape! I love it!



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