I still love my Smok morph do not get me wrong but it leaks. The o-rings burn out easy and allows the juice to leak from around it. If it’s just sitting there be cautious after a few days it can leak if the rings are bad in it.  

Turning it off does not save the battery either. Leaving it on it doesn’t use much battery as if your turning it off. I actually left my vape on for a week and it didn’t die it still has a full battery.

The lock and the fire key works great though. It doesn’t heat up much on the tank which is great. I simply have no complaints except the leaky seal and it gets everywhere making us have to check it every use or be sure it is good. 

I ended up taking the tank from it and use it on a different mod that does not leak and I loved it much more. The mods I now have are the FreeMax and the prince stick.


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