URB VEGAN Birthday cake THC Delta 8 review

These things do not taste like birthday cake it taste like nothing but delta and thc. These things done its job and knocked my socks right off. I was so high taking these and the trip was worth it when taking one. It started out as these have no effect and then after awhile it kicked in. 

I would honestly only suggest taking the right amount the label says or prepare for a trip to hell with everything melting, nothing making sense and your talking so loud and your speech is so slurred and slowed that you have no idea what you are doing, going to do and things are be coming weird and you’re in a panic attack trust me that is not fun. 

They are 100% vegan and 125Mg of fun unless you take to much, in which I did and I instantly regretted it. I took 3-4 of them and the trip was not fun and it was never ending for 2 hours along with a panic attack but other than that it is alright.


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